ISO 9001:2015

OHSAS 18001:2007

Consultancy Projects ----> Other Projects

  • Carrying Capacity Studies/ Environmental Sensitivity
  • Source Apportionment Studies
  • GHC & CDM Projects
  • Emissions Inventory, Air Quality & Modelling Studies
  • Household Energy & Indoor Air Quality
  • Conservation of Lakes & Surface Water Bodies
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants & Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Solid & Hazardous Waste Management
  • Soil Quality Management/Ash Pond Management
  • Noise & Traffic Studies
  • Flora-Fauna Studies

Field analysis

  • Relative density, Relative frequency, Relative dominance, abundance- cover, fidelity, IVI
  • Species diversity, Similarity index, De-similarity index, Bio-mass
  • Grazing, browsing, total supply demand of firewood & materials, habitat – Carrying capacity
  • Enumeration of plant species (identifying endangered, endemic, threatened and rare species)
  • Identification of suitable plant species for green belt development


  • Effects of air pollution on plants
  • Species diversity, Similarity index, De-similarity index, Bio-mass
  • Physiological changes (tolerance index, reduction in sugar, protein, etc.
  • Plant indicators
  • Artificial fumigation of various toxic gases on vegetation


Greenbelt development program, determination of specific gravity of seedling, Index of drought resistance, soil nutrient demand, root adsorbing capacity, lime requirement, determination of nursery stock (ordination method), attenuation factor, etc.

Socio- Economic Studies (Including R&R)


  • Fiscal Impact analysis, Index of qualitative variation for ethnicity.
  • Dependency ratio, Land acquisition, Rehabilitation etc., Cost benefit analysis.


  • Demographic profile, population composition, Land use-cover, amenities etc.