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OHSAS 18001:2007

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Soil Quality

Soil pH, Texture, Conductivity, Moisture, Organic Carbon, Macro(NPK) & Micro nutrients, Dry bulk density, Infiltration capacity, Extraction and determination of trace elements, Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), Lime requirement, Sodium Adsorption Ration (SAR), BOD load, Residual sodium carbonate (RSC).


  • Suitability of soil for Irrigation
  • Suitability of water for Irrigation
  • Soil sustainability Studies
  • Water requirement (inductive method)
  • Soil nutrient demand

Soil studies

  • Bio-degradation of organic chemicals in soils (Eiseniafetida)
  • Determination of acute toxicity using artificial substrate
  • Effects on reproduction
  • Determination of the effects of pollutants on soil flora, Inhibition on root growth
  • Determination of the effects of pollutants on soil flora
  • Effects of chemicals on growth of higher plants
  • Micro and macronutrient analysis Soil amendments (nutrient deficiency, toxicity determination and application of nutrients)

Land use and cover

  • Land use and Land cover studies using remote sensing data, Hydromorphology, hydrogeology and biomass estimation